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  • French & California Flair

  • Fun, Healthy and Colorful

  • Live Music

  • Signature Entrées

  • Cozy & Casual

  • Yummy Desserts!

  • Great Wine Selection


WELCOME to Mango Bistro!
Mango Bistro offers a variety of freshly made specialty foods in a fun atmosphere that includes a colorful decor, artful gifts and world music. We love to create foods that are as inventive as they are authentic. We specialize in combining fresh ingredients in flavorful ways, always looking out for optimum taste and freshness. Our menu includes grilled paninis, gourmet wraps, authentic French crêpes, heartwarming soups, garden fresh salads, healthy breakfasts, pure fruit smoothies, mouthwatering desserts and baked goods, hand-picked wines and beers and specialty coffee and teas.

Having Fun Dancing in the Porch at Mango Bistro
Live Music and Dancing at Mango Bistro
Child Smiling having Dessert at Mango Bistro
Photo of the compostable supplies that we use at Mango Bistro
Melon Cooler Drink
Artwork Drawing of Mango Bistro
Customers having fun at Mango Bistro
Live Music and Dancing at Mango Bistro
Child Smiling having Dessert at Mango Bistro
Melon Cooler Drink

We care about food… and our Planet

Mango Bistro is an award-winning (really!!) restaurant created by Marie Laforge and Ricardo Ruggiero. Combining influences from their native countries, France and Brazil, they decided to create a destination with a European and tropical flair where people would come for the fresh and original food, as well as for the fun, colorful atmosphere.

We take pride in offering high-quality original food prepared fresh to order in our uniquely designed kitchen. Mango Bistro is all about freshness and quality, and as such, we pay particular attention to all the ingredients that we source for our restaurant.

When we decided to open Mango Bistro, we set out to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. Since we opened, over 10 years ago, we have been using compostable cups, to go containers, disposable utensils, trash bags, straws. We avoid plastic as much as we possibly can. We believe in doing our best for preserving our beautiful Planet and we are proud of doing so. We also RECYCLE very thoroughly when using plastic bottles, cardboard and glass.

Located at the corner of Mango Street and Historical Dearborn Street, Mango Bistro is hard to miss. The Bistro has an inviting and colorful look that makes you want to stop the first time you pass by. The bistro features bright island colors, coconut and papaya trees, and a covered porch where lively World music is always playing in the background Once you enter the Bistro, you discover more fun decor and a great atmosphere!

Come to Mango Bistro and decide where you are in the world: a European Café or an Island Bar... “the where”... is left to your own imagination!

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301 W. Dearborn St.
Englewood FL 34223-3145
phone: 941-681-3500

Mon-Thurs 9am-3pm
Fri-Sat 9am-9:45pm

Live Music Fri & Sat Starting at 6:45pm

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