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  • Privacy Information

Privacy Policy

We will never share any data or email addresses that you send to us, with any 3rd party or devilish outfits such as Cambridge Analytica. We are not interested in collecting any personal data and will use your email address only to reply to an email that you may send us.

Email information
We do not collect any personal information from you unless you chose to contact us by email. Your email address and any other information you send us, may be used to reply to you to answer your queries or questions. If you sign up to receive our news

The only personal information we retain from you is what you unless you chose to provide when you sign up for our newsletter. You can cancel your subscription at any time. We use Mailchimp service to send out our newsletter to our customers that opt-in.

What data do we hold about you?
The only data we would have about you are contained on the email that you have sent us. If you send credit card information to process a purchase, we will delete it as soon as the purchase is completed.

How do we keep your data secure.
As a small business, we use a Server computer to process email. The system is always running the latest updates and is password protected both for login and resume from standby in order to gain access to the enter the computer. The server is also protected by antivirus and anti-spam software, also a firewall and it is not exposed directly to the internet.

We dislike cookies because they can sound scary, but actually when used correctly, are very useful. We only use cookies that are necessary to provide a pleasant experience when you visit our website. They do not hold any personal identifiable information about you.

Further information
Please contact us via our contact page on this site

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